Past Projects

A few notable examples

Summit Energy

a nationwide solar company with a dynamic sales force

Eschler Editing

a local publishing company with hundreds of freelance employees

Oxford Advisory

a financial management company with strict regulations and processes

Summit Energy Group

nationwide solar company

Summit needed a mobile-friendly CRM system to manage their extensive sales force and robust backend automation to organize and simplify office work. We created an automatic smart-scheduling tool for mobile employees, performance dashboards that measure and display company key indicators in real time, and formula fields to instantly calculate important information on each sale. These were the core elements of their system, but we did a whole lot more... 

Eschler Editing

local publishing company

Eschler Editing had a basic Zoho CRM system already built when they came to us. We helped them further develop their system and add new functionality moving forward. We built reports to help them run payroll, set up helpful dashboards for each employee to see at a glance their tasks for the day and week. We also extended their contact webform functionality with a set of programs to automate initial client outreach and relationship management. 

Oxford Advisory Group

financial management company

Oxford needed a system to manage their strict system of appointments and to protect client data. We set up data access hierarchies that show each employee only what they need to see, and added some custom formulas to fill certain fields automatically. Each client's progression through the system is rigidly maintained by the system and detailed notes are kept at each stage, allowing the Oxford administrators to keep a close eye on business performance at each step. We also did a full set of training presentations and flowcharts to help them manage the influx of new employees without issue.