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What is Zoho One? Why Should I Care?

Zoho One

Zoho One is, put very simply, a PILE of useful business software. For $30/employee/month, you’ll be getting enterprise-level, award-winning:

  1. CRM (Zoho CRM, which has consistently ranked as similar or better than Hubspot or Salesforce)

  2. Dashboarding/reporting software (Zoho Reports, comparable to Tableau)

  3. Email marketing platform (Zoho Campaigns – equivalent to MailChimp, in a lot of ways better)

  4. Inventory/order management (Zoho Inventory, more functionality than ShipStation)

  5. Accounting/bookkeeping (Zoho Books, Quickbooks alternative)

  6. Customer service platform (Zoho Desk, which has won multiple awards)

  7. Social media posting platform (Zoho Social, like Hootsuite but more robust),

  8. Custom white-label app creation (Zoho Creator, an incredibly powerful tool for customizing your own business processes)

  9. Point-and-click app API integrations (Zoho Flow, forget about Zapier!)

  10. A ton more (project management software, website CMS, a Slack alternative, recruiting platform, sales motivation, HR software, etc.).

I don’t know how you’re reacting to this, but when I first heard it, I got $$$ eyeballs like a cartoon character. My optometrist was very concerned (but don’t worry, I told her about running her office on Zoho One. I tell everyone to run their business on Zoho One).

Zoho One 2-month free trial

How Good of a Deal is That?

For a quick look at why this is such a good deal, look at how much these companies pay for software each month that Zoho One replaces:

Software Costs for 40-employee company w/o Zoho One - $3550/month, w/Zoho One – $1200/month
Software Costs for 15-employee company w/o Zoho One - $810/month, w/Zoho One – $450/month
Software Costs for 3-employee company w/o Zoho One - $150+/month, w/Zoho One – $90/month

What About Quality?

Great point. You don’t want to get duped by flashy price tags. Herein lies two of my favorite things to point out about the quality of Zoho One:

  1. Zoho makes & stands behind quality product – their prices are just low because they aren’t spending their money on massive Downtown San Francisco skyscrapers (looking at you, Salesforce). Zoho is a developmental powerhouse. They may not have the Silicon Valley sheen of Salesforce or the young, upbeat start-up vibe of Hubspot, but don’t let that fool you – their products work very well.

  2. Don’t just evaluate each Zoho One app in a vacuum – evaluate how they will look when they’re all seamlessly integrated together. All the apps in Zoho One talk. When you house as much of your operation as possible within Zoho, each app will build on each other, giving you a more cohesive, powerful system. None of the following examples of integrations require an expensive developer – they’re fairly simple and straightforward to build.

-Push CRM data automatically to your customer service, so that your customer service reps can easily see a customer’s entire history.

-Pull CRM/Desk data into a Creator app that you build for one of your business’s specific needs.

-Push all of this information into Zoho Reports, to get a powerful view of how your business is working.

-A CRM that integrates with every customer interaction possible (live chat on site, customer service email, purchase on your site, in-person purchase) and gives you a look at EVERYTHING your customers are doing with you.

Ok, I'm Convinced. What Should I Do Now?

Sign up for a 2-month trial of Zoho One & get on a call with us – we’re Zoho experts, and we’ll help you answer questions about how this can work with your business!

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Zoho One 2-month free trial